Apply for Admission

Students must apply for admission before registering for classes. Please choose your student scenario below.


Tuition Assistance

The key to receiving assistance for the costs of attending Fullerton College is to start early and to research the kinds of aid and the timelines in which you must apply. Students requiring financial assistance are encouraged to visit the Financial Aid website to learn how to qualify for financial aid and to visit the Fullerton College Foundation website to learn about potential scholarships



New students are required to complete the online orientation prior to taking their assessment test. Visit the Matriculation website for more info.



New students are required to complete a skills assessment for ESL/English, Reading ,Mathematics, and Chemistry at the Assessment Center. All students are required to schedule an appointment to take an assessment test. For additional information, please visit to the Assessment Center home page at New students, sign up for Group Advising at the Assessment Center upon completion of assessment.


Counseling Appointment

Students are encouraged to set-up an appointment with a counselor in order to develop a personalized Student Education Program Plan (SEPP) which will chart the student’s future course through college. Make an appointment in person or by calling (714) 992-7084, walk-in counselors are available periodically. For more information, visit the counseling website at


Register for classes

Prior to registration, new and returning students will receive an email and notice through their myGateway account with an appointment date and time to register online using myGateway.



It is extremely important that you attend the first class meeting. Failure to attend may result in being dropped from the class.