ART 299 F: Art Independent Study
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General Education

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This course is for the student who wishes advanced, personalized instruction beyond the standard course work. Students wishing to sign up for this course must first obtain an application from the Art Department Office before requesting approval from the instructor of record.

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  • UC - Transferable to the campuses of the University of California system
  • UC Credit Limitation - There is a total maximum credit limitation of several courses. Students need to see the articulation agreement/counselor to determine the specific limitation. In order to determine if a specific course meets a general education/ breadth transfer requirement at a specific institution or if a course meets a specific major requirement at a transfer institution, students are advised to confer with their counselor regarding the transferability of the course to a particular college or university.
A grade of "C" or better in at least one semester'sprevious work in the subject of the independent studyas well as a foundation in creative design, technicalability, and execution of craft.

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Stanaway, Carl
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Aug. 24 to Dec. 12 from 8:26pm - 8:26pm
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