THEA 290 F Theatrical Production Techniques

Production and Design

This course involves the practical application of theatrical production techniques through the assignment of performance, technical theater, design, director or management positions. 54-162 hours lab per term.

1 to 3
(CSU) (Degree Credit)
THEA 130 F or THEA 131 F or THEA 143 F or THEA 146 F or THEA 151 F or THEA 157 F or THEA 162 F or THEA 172 F or THEA 233 F or THEA 244 F or THEA 246 F or THEA 250 F or THEA 253 F or THEA 276 F or THEA 277 F or THEA 278 F with a grade of C or better.
Auditions or interviews will be conducted for the purposes of assigning performance roles and technical positions.
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