Computer Graphics Certificate

Computer Graphics Certificate

Program Code: 2C10609A

The Computer Graphics Certificate Program provides the skills necessary to create digital drawings, paintings and illustrations, building a portfolio representative of the student’s artistic talents and technical proficiency. This certificate is designed to help students find employment in occupations that desire entry-level skills in computer-aided art and design. This certificate requires a total of 28-30 units of which 24 units are in required courses, and an additional 4-6 units must be chosen from the restricted electives listed below. A minimum grade of 'C' is required in each course taken.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Demonstrate basic use of computer graphics software and hardware, and be able to demonstrate basic competence in selected image-making techniques. Outcome 2: Apply the terminology of computer graphics to communications within the field of digital media. Outcome 3: Create effective documents by effectively using the concepts of design, such as: color, style, typography and composition. Outcome 4: Create projects that demonstrate specialized knowledge of 2D computer animation and multi-media projects from initial design concept through project completion that clearly illustrates the student’s solutions.

Required computer graphics introduction class, select one from a list below::
Introduction to Digital Art
Introduction to Web Graphics
Introduction to Maya 3D
Intermediate Maya
Digital Drawing - Dynamic Sketching
Required art introduction class, select one from the list below::
Color Theory
Basic Design (3 units)
Required Advanced classes:
Basic Drawing
Vector Graphics
Digital Imaging I
Digital Publishing I
Required Additional computer graphics classes, select two from the list below::
Digital Publishing II
Digital Photo Editing I
Required Additional computer graphics classes (6 units), select two from the list below::
Business Practices in Art
Publication Design
Advertising Design
Production Techniques for Graphic Designers
Perspective Drawing and Rendering
Art Independent Study
3D Modeling
3D Computer Animation
Computer Animation
Interactive Multimedia Design
Digital Video
PRNT 101F Introduction to Printing

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